The Toronto 2017 NAIG is more than a sporting event – it is an opportunity to inspire a generation through the unifying power of sport and culture. #88 will promote legacy initiatives long after the Toronto 2017 NAIG is concluded, by shining a spotlight on the achievements of Indigenous youth and communities, supporting reconciliation initiatives and building a positive path for future generations.


Legacy initiatives of the Toronto 2017 NAIG include:


Birch Bark Canoe Project

The Toronto 2017 NAIG Community Tour will bridge communities by sharing on games, sport, wellness and culture. The Birch Bark Canoe project will be used a medium for learning through art, utility, sport and Indigenous teachings to engage and celebrate the cultural distinctiveness of Indigenous communities across Ontario.


Mobile Museum – 150 of Indigenous Sport/Athlete History

The Toronto 2017 NAIG Mobile Museum Project will showcase notable Indigenous athletes of the past 150 years – celebrating and inspiring past, present and future generations. The stories of Indigenous athletes will be celebrated through an engaging exhibit that will be shared leading up to, during and after the Games.


North American Indigenous Games Casting Call

This is NAIG – celebrating the strong and resilient Indigenous youth from across North America that are represented by the North American Indigenous Games. The Toronto 2017 NAIG will celebrate the Indigenous communities and athletes of the NAIG by sharing stories of inspiration, determination and opportunity. A Toronto 2017 NAIG Casting Call was held in November of 2016 to collect these stories and to share personal accounts of inspiration, community and hope from the past, present and future athletes of the North American Indigenous Games. 


Community Tour

Acknowledging sport, physical activity and culture as important vehicles in promoting overall wellness, the Toronto 2017 NAIG Community Tour will include 13 stops across Ontario to connect communities in celebration of heritage, sport and youth. In partnership with the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario, the Toronto 2017 NAIG Community Tour will include sport activations, cultural workshops and opportunities for athlete development.