Volunteer FAQ’s

Volunteer FAQ’s

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games! We understand that you may have some questions regarding the Games themselves, along with the roles of volunteers and much more! 

To help provide you with as much information as possible, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers, specific to volunteering.

We will be updating the list periodically, as we get closer to the Games. So check back or feel free to send us an email at: volunteer@naig2017.to

A. The North American Indigenous Games are a multi-sport and cultural event involving Indigenous youth from Canada and the United States, between the ages of 13-19. The Games offer 14 sport competitions in addition to a vibrant cultural program, showcasing Indigenous cultural artists and performers from across North America.

A. The Games will take place from July 16-23, 2017, with 9 of the 14 sports taking place in the City of Toronto, with the remaining 5 scheduled to take place in the Region of Hamilton and Six Nations of the Grand River.

A. The Toronto 2017 NAIG Host Society is looking for friendly, enthusiastic individuals who have great customer service skills, a professional demeanour and who are excited to be a part of a movement improving the lives of Indigenous youth across North America.

Most volunteer positions available for the Toronto 2017 NAIG require fluency in English. Proficiency in French and knowledge of Indigenous languages are great assets to have. Some volunteers may require a current vulnerable sector check.

A. Toronto 2017 NAIG will provide volunteers with unique experiences and the opportunity to build invaluable skills through participation in the numerous cultural and sporting events being held, leading up to and during the Games.

Volunteering for the Toronto 2017 NAIG will provide an enriching opportunity to positively impact the lives of Indigenous youth through the power of sport, and to learn more about the First Nations communities across North America.

A. Interested individuals can register through the volunteer portal at our website: www.naig2017.to

A. While athletes and contingents must have Indigenous ancestry to participate and compete in the Games, member of the general public are strongly encouraged and welcomed to assist in the execution of the Games as volunteers.

The Toronto 2017 NAIG provides a great opportunity for communities to unite and experience the unifying power of sport, while celebrating Indigenous cultural heritage.

A. The Toronto 2017 NAIG will provide numerous opportunities for volunteers to engage and build new skills in areas such as event management, customer service, accreditation, emergency/medical services, sport management, media, medal ceremonies, photography, protocol, social media and IT.

A. Approximately 2,000 volunteers will be recruited for the Toronto 2017 NAIG to ensure a best in-class experience for the more than 5,000 participants and countless spectators attending the Games.

A. Toronto 2017 NAIG volunteer registration is on-going and will be on a first come, first serve basis. Currently, there is no fixed deadline but interested individuals are encouraged to register early.

A. Yes - Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older by July 16, 2017. Volunteers under the age of 18 will require a co-signature from a parent or guardian. There is no maximum age.

A. The Toronto 2017 NAIG welcomes all volunteers and is dedicated to promoting the spirit of the North American Indigenous Games in celebrating distinctiveness and inclusion.

The Toronto 2017 NAIG Host Society is dedicated to providing accommodation to all volunteers, spectators or guests that have accessibility requirements. If you require accommodation, please indicate any requirements through the application process.

A. As the Toronto 2017 NAIG volunteer recruitment process is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, we cannot guarantee specific sport categories or volunteer placements will be honoured. Specific volunteer requests can be included in the initial volunteer registration process and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

A. Depending on the schedule, it may be possible to volunteer for multiple sports in either the same or different venues.

A. The current venues of the Toronto 2017 NAIG are divided into different regions, including venues in the Region of Hamilton and Six Nations of the Grand River. Venues of the 2017 NAIG include:

• West of GTA: The Gaylord Powless Arena & Iroquois Lacrosse Arena, the Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association, McMaster University, Turner Park (Hamilton)

• Eastern GTA: Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough

• North GTA: Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club, Humber College, York University

Please note sporting and cultural venues are subject to change depending on the needs of the Toronto 2017 NAIG.

A. You do not need to live in a specific area of Toronto to volunteer. While some venues can be reached by public transportation, a vehicle may be required for timely travel to and between venues during the Games. Additionally, venues located in Six Nations of the Grand River cannot be reached by public transportation and will require an alternate mode of transportation or access to a vehicle. Toronto 2017 NAIG will not provide accommodations for volunteers.

A. You can send a letter stating your interest, skills and contact info to the Manager, Volunteers, Toronto 2017 NAIG Host Society, 2425 Matheson Blvd. East 7th floor Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4.

A. Thank you for registering! Although this does not confirm that you have been selected, it does mean that you are now eligible for the next round of screening.

A. Yes. All volunteers who are selected will be required to obtain a background check, as many of our participants are under the age of 18. Additionally, some volunteers may require a vulnerable sector check.

A. There will be an application and screening process that will take place over the next several months. Your final selection will be confirmed in the spring of 2017.

A. Volunteer training will take place from May – July 2017. Volunteers will be asked to choose one of several dates for evening training sessions. The majority of our volunteers will be required to attend one 2-3 hour training session and a venue familiarization training session. Anyone chosen to be a team leader, or in a sport specific role, may be asked to attend an additional training session specific to the requirements of the position.

We ask for a minimum of two five-hour shifts during games time, however, preference may be given to those who are available to work most, if not all, of the 7 days.

Because we have outdoor events, weather does sometimes play a factor and we remind our volunteers to please stay ‘until the end of play’ rather than a posted time if play has been delayed.

A. Best efforts will be made to have friends and families volunteering together. However, while you may be on the same shifts as your friend/family, you may be in different parts of a venue and/or placed where help is needed most.

A. There will be limited opportunities as most events of the Toronto 2017 NAIG will be held during the day. Preference will be given to those who can volunteer during the day.

A. Toronto 2017 NAIG is happy to assist any of our volunteers in completing an official sign off for community hours, wherever appropriate.

A. Each volunteer who is selected will receive at a minimum a t-shirt and an accreditation name badge. Volunteers who complete a minimum amount of hours on a given day are eligible for a meal at their assigned venue for that day. In addition to any games items that we are able to provide to our volunteers, we will do our best to make you feel welcome and respected for the work that you will be doing.

A. Regardless of weather conditions, we ask all volunteers to report to their assigned duties, unless you receive a text or a call to say otherwise. During the course of your training, weather and other situations will be covered to ensure you have the information you need and as well, know the process to follow in all types of unexpected situations.

Unfortunately, accommodations will not be provided for volunteers. However, Toronto 2017 NAIG will make a concerted effort to assign volunteer roles near an applicant's stated geographic area, wherever possible.